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Deepstone Catacomb BoxExperience a large fantasy hack and slash dungeon crawler for your Atari 2600!

Do you have what it takes to traverse the 24 deadly floors of the Catacomb?

You will be up against Giant Scorpions, Undead Soldiers, Fire Elementals, and many more of Lord Kram’s evil minions. These demonic beasts have no intention of fighting fair. They have you outnumbered, moving swiftly at random, tracking you around every corner, and will even throw large boulders at your face!

Take them out if you can and explore all the rooms in this dark underground labyrinth. Defeat the three Dreaded Dragons and the Dark Lord of Deepstone himself. Only then will you be able to rescue Princess Robyn and restore peace to the realm…


  • Explore huge randomly generated dungeons
  • Battle dangerous enemies, mid-bosses and large end bosses
  • Collect gold coins and learn the power of the Legendary Sword
  • Rescue the Princess on Game 1 and 2 or see how far down you can go on Game 3 in the infinite dungeon!
Deepstone Catacomb is an Atari 2600 homebrew game that was conceived and designed by MickMuze.

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