Deepstone Catacomb on ZeroPage Homebrew

I sent ZeroPage Homebrew the first beta to play/review on their show. The first show went quite well but a small bug involving the Master Sword appeared. I made some last minute changes to how the Master Sword Appears the night before and kind of broke it 😬. The bug basically made the Master Sword only appear in the game about 50% of the time.

I thought about it at work and kind of realized it would be an easy fix. Fixed it when I got home that morning. The next day (Friday) I tuned into ZeroPage on their Twitch live show, and they happened to finish the game they were playing (Spider Fighter) early and decided to give Deepstone Catacomb another go. So the second video below is that play through with the updated binary of the game (Master Sword bug fixed version).

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DeepStone Catacomb – Game Premiere

Deepstone Catacomb – Second attempt to complete