Making an Atari game – Day 20

When I originally set out to do this project. I was thinking that it might take me around 30 days to complete. That was just a rough guess, not knowing anything about the Atari yet. Now I’m just sitting here by my girlfriend and just said to her that I can’t believe this is Day 20. Only 10 more days and I might actually make it.

Haha, kinda early to say cause anything can happen, but I am so far along now that I think I could actually have the code completed by then. That is really exciting.

Today I kind of took it easy and tinkered around with the code a bit, which was kind of a nice and relaxing night. Nothing too strenuous on the brain but very happy with what has been added.

So far I had a bunch of monsters coded into the game, different graphics and such. But if I played the game it would only ever show one of those monsters through every room and every floor. The one type of monster. If I wanted to see the other ones I would have to change a variable’s value in the code and then compile and run it again.

So tonight I finally got all the monster types roaming around the dungeon in a specific order. Some kind of look better/uglier than others but they are all there. I think I’m going to sit down next and kind of plan out what monster graphics I want to keep, which ones I should replace with something a little better, and what the best order of appearance should be for each one during gameplay.