Making an Atari game – Day 23

 I fixed a bug where the death smoke that appears when you kill a monster would actually hurt you if you the player walked into it. Kind of not really a bug, just something I didn’t take account for until now. This would suck and wouldn’t make sense. So now when the player collides with an enemy, it checks to see if the enemy is displaying it’s death cloud or not before it takes hit points away from the player.

Just a quick list of the other things I did today:

  • Rearanged enemy swarms (The order the enemies appear throughout the dungeon)
  • Wrote down appropriate enemy stats (Just in planning, not in actual code yet)
  • Took out random Dragon, made Dragon the Endboss. Found I wasn’t going to have room for both random Dragons and multiple Endbosses so I compromised and made the Dragon the Endboss.
  • Put the Dragon on floors 8, 16, 24, and 32
  • I changed how enemy speed works. Made it only increase by significant amount every 8 levels
  • I want to make an Ultra Sword that will allow you to shoot even when health is low