Making an Atari game – Day 26

Today was a fun day. I am so close to completion, whether I like it or not. 😛

Bytes left in banks
Take note of the bytes left in my Banks

I was kind of fighting at first because I had large ideas on how I wanted the game to end. Sadly, I was so low on bytes in bank 2 that I was just not able to pull off what I had hoped. But I did manage to make a proper ending to the game. Although it is a very short and simple one. I am happy with it.

I kind of did a half-assed Atari’s reset switch code at the beginning of this project. So I went ahead and improved that.

Also, I finally added hitpoints to the Dragons in the game. This part is really exciting. They are actually a challenge now and I had died myself a few times trying to kill them. I’ll probably make some overall adjustments as I polish things up. I added a mini tracking missile in the room with the dragons so that the player can’t just plow away at the dragon forever until it’s dead. Now he has to worry about moving around and avoiding the missile as well. Also, I added some hitpoints for the midboss.

Next, I’m going to have to try to get a lot more space free in bank 5. It’s down to 2 bytes and I kind of need it to set the stats for each enemy. I’m going to have to sacrifice something in order to do this. So what I will probably attempt to do is simplify the random enemy placement in each room yet again. I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that will be enough.

Then really all there is to do is change some stats for each of the 3 game variations. Game 1, is basically how everything is now by default. Your main game from start to finish. Game 2 will have the enemies be a bit more stronger, take more hp away from the player when hit. Then Game 3 will be the same as Game 2 but also an endless game. No princess to save, just keeps getting deeper and deeper down the dungeon, never ending until the player comes to his demise. This is the game variation you would play when you are aiming for high scores.