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Deepstone Catacomb Advertisement Flyers

Deepstone Catacomb Original Flyer Deepstone Catacomb Retro Flyer

These are two flyers that I created just for fun really. Was flipping through a couple of old Atari Catalogues and thought it would be cool to design a flyer that might have appeared in something like that back in the 70s and 80s. These will be included in the box as a double sided flyer when you purchase the game at AtariAge.

Brian’s Man Cave Review

Just would like to thank Brian for the nice review. Really enjoyed watching his play through of the game.

I’ve been working away on getting everything up and running for the launch. Designed a new mini advertisement flyer that will be included with the game. Deepstone Catacomb should be available on the AtariAge shop very very soon. 🙂

Art for the manual

This is the first piece of art I have finished for Deepstone Catacomb’s manual. It’s slowly but surely coming along. I tend to sit down with a nice hot cup of coffee and draw throughout the night. Taking my time with it and enjoying the whole process.

Deepstone Catacomb on ZeroPage Homebrew

I sent ZeroPage Homebrew the first beta to play/review on their show. The first show went quite well but a small bug involving the Master Sword appeared. I made some last minute changes to how the Master Sword Appears the night before and kind of broke it 😬. The bug basically made the Master Sword only appear in the game about 50% of the time.

I thought about it at work and kind of realized it would be an easy fix. Fixed it when I got home that morning. The next day (Friday) I tuned into ZeroPage on their Twitch live show, and they happened to finish the game they were playing (Spider Fighter) early and decided to give Deepstone Catacomb another go. So the second video below is that play through with the updated binary of the game (Master Sword bug fixed version).

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DeepStone Catacomb – Game Premiere

Deepstone Catacomb – Second attempt to complete